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March, 2016

Uploaded a brand new update for Android platform to include 2.0.1! Better interface all around. BEST NEWS for those with the ESL version is more Spanish words and translations! AND...we are still giving away free codes for downloads!

February, 2016

Free Promo Codes - 50 per week for all devices. Click on Free in the heading!

September, 2014

Wordspeller mentioned in new dyslexia study!

A Mobile Application for Displaying More Accessible eBooks for People with Dyslexia
Luz Rello, Gaurang Kanvinde, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Considering our contributions, there are two areas of related work:
 (a) mobile applications for users with dyslexia and
 (b) usability tests, guidelines and methods used to determine dyslexic-friendly recommendations.

Among the mobile applications for users with dyslexia there are: games; spell checkers such as Wordspeller and Phonetic Dictionary, Phone Apps for Spelling which convert phonetic spelling to proper spelling; ...


April, 2014

Check out our new Reviews page. We'll be collecting all the reviews of the Wordspeller there from now on.


A Mac/PC Computer App of this Phonetic Dictionary?

In due process, approximate release date to be announced.

Submit your contact info if you wish to be informed of this release date.

June, 2011

ESL edition released

ESL Dictionary

February, 2011

Fun Educational Apps - Here You will find a review about "Wordspeller". If you are wading in a sea of Apps and desire guidance on where to turn for reviewed, recommended Apps for children...this is the site to visit!

Fun Educational


January, 2011

As of today, January 24, 2011, Wordspeller" is now available on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and a 'plug-in' exists for Mac. Which means, we are gearing up to enable your spellchecker to have a phonetic database. Your words will be cross-referenced (if you opt for the phonetic spellchecker) automatically. No longer will your letter contain the wrong spelling of the word 'there' when you mean 'their'. Nor will your letter contain the wrong spelling for 'for' when you mean 'four' or 'fore'.

Help make this the best spell checker you will ever use by submitting the misspellings you were unable to find. Because the author would be horrified to learn that this resource tool did not work for you, your suggestions will be immediately included in the next available update.

If you are a student, please contact us with information as to whom to contact at your school to integrate this spell checker for everyone's use!

The Phonetic Wordspeller is intended to be helpful and reliable for you.

Please help with your suggestions by contacting us

Fall, 2010

Evergreen - The Evergreen State College Magazine

Read the article here

November 25, 2010