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John Rodrigues

"Finally, a dictionary that works the way we think!"

Author, 'High School Dropout to Harvard'

Masters in ESL; Essential ESL App Guide; #2 ESL Study Aid. Click here.

The Tech Edvocate lists Wordspeller App Top 11 for Grammar and Spelling Apps for 2018.

Reading Rockets ranks Wordspeller # 2 for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Literacy Apps!

Orion Gillingham Online Academy; Spelling Apps. Click here.

Homeschooling with Dyslexia; The Best Spelling Apps for Dyslexia. Read more here.

5 Stars

5 Stars - 2018 Best of the Best Review by

'Best Apps for Kids.com'

"ESL Wordspeller is a laudable attempt to assist ESL learners as well as limited writing literacy native English speakers to discover the correct spelling(s) of English words. In a preliminary pilot study with adult native Spanish and Vietnamese speakers, I found that they succeeded, when using the app on their own, in identifying the correct spelling of words that they were familiar with." Michael Gyori
Adult, Child & Family ESL; Mentoring & Advocacy, Maui International Language School (MILS)

"Apps for Children with Special Needs" Volunteered the Video above

Parenting Special Needs Magazine listed the Wordspeller App! here.

Wordspeller App chosen for "Bridging the Gap between Technology and People with Disabilities" at Bridging Apps.org here.

Teachers With Apps Likes the Wordspeller for those challenged with Spelling!

American Dyslexia Association Reviews Wordspeller.

Essential ESL App Guide

Fall, 2010

The Evergreen State College Magazine

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